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Wines & Wonders podcast

Join Kirsten Fox, executive sommelier, entrepreneur and mother as she and her guests examine life beyond the reality of everyday. And discover a wine to pair with each episode. Filling your life with hope and your glass with wine!

Jan 21, 2020

At a time when she felt extremely alone, Kirsten's friend, Dannielle, is turning 40. Kirsten offers to help with the party and is asked to bring red, purple and gold flowers for centerpieces. On a budget, she heads to the grocery store to see what she can find. 

There are only red carnations, no other colors to match the theme. Discover what happens as Kirsten is shown support from the universe. She is shown that she is being held, that she is not alone.

She pairs a Southern Rhône red blend to this story. This red blend is one of the most food friendly wines you can pair with almost anything on your table. What do the flowers and the wine have in common?