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Wines & Wonders podcast

Join Kirsten Fox, executive sommelier, entrepreneur and mother as she and her guests examine life beyond the reality of everyday. And discover a wine to pair with each episode. Filling your life with hope and your glass with wine!

Feb 28, 2020

(Taped before the Covid19 virus hit the U.S.)

Join Kirsten as she launches a new business. She doesn't see the volume of orders that she projected, even after being written up in Forbes magazine. When asked about how the new project is going, her story is the truth, but is heavy. 

Once she realizes that she is...

Feb 16, 2020

(This episode was recorded pre-Covid19.)

Kirsten's mom, Sandy, who has early onset dementia, heads to Utah to live at Kirsten's house. As Sandy begins her decline to death, Kirsten's sisters come to say their farewells. A kind neighbor offers to play the harp while the family sits near. 

While sitting in the room...