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Wines & Wonders podcast

Both Dannielle Bryan and Kirsten Henry Fox have unique perspectives on how they view life.

Dannielle uses her shamanic lens to view that which happens; she studies each situation from multiple perspectives; and, she has easy-to-grasp tools that she uses and offers to us for assimilating information so we can be at peace with it.

Kirsten views everything through her study of the history, stories and flavors of wine. As an executive sommelier, she overlays each life situation or challenge with what wine she'd pair to it. How would the history, stories, or flavors of a certain wine reflect what she is going through or what they are discussing?

Listen as Dannielle and Kirsten navigate their perspectives on life through the seasons of their podcast: time, death, love, play... all human feelings and situations are fair game. They'd love for you to join them. Filling your life with hope and your glass with wine!

Jan 21, 2020

Do you feel like sometimes the world is moving so quickly that you'll never have enough time to make an impact? Our first show is about Kirsten attending an "inner-work, woo-woo" kind of seminar. As she does a guided meditation at the end of the event, she receives a surprising, hopeful message about time. She'll pair the unexpected whisper, the uplifting message, with a wine that needs to age. How do you know when a wine will age well? How long do some wines improve as they age in the bottle? Listen in to discover the message we can all take hope from along with a fabulous wine that will stand the test of time in your cellar.